Caffè Kico

Tradition, Quality and History.
All in one cup.

A typical Neapolitan flavor.


A sensory experience.

Your five senses will be embraced by a pleasure sensation. Aroma. Scent. Color.
A flavor explosion. Different tastes for a unique sensation.

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caffe kico brothers


A pure love concentrate.

They preserve the taste, enhance the freshness and finally respect the environment. Because often in small things you can feel big emotions.

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A tasty meeting.

A world of flavors packed in a practical capsule compatible with the main brands of coffee machines. Caffè Kico is good for all occasions.

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The beginning of a journey.

A long selection process, the finest qualities and a careful roasting phase. A pleasure to experience at the bar with people who make you feel good.

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Respecting the Mother Nature,
our aroma source.

Respecting the environment and the customer.
An eco-sustainable approach of the entire production cycle.
Collection. Grinding. Packaging. Recycle. Because.
Caffè Kico loves the planet and its people.

  • Compostable pods
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Electric vehicles to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions

  • Solar energy for the roasting sustainability

Caffè Kico

Our inspiring muse, a volcanic passion for our Naples

golfo di napoli da Caselammare di Stabia