The Coffee beans

A cultural exchange

the Neapolitan tradition mixed with the Arabian one.

A balanced mix of emotions to be experienced

The beginning of a journey.

A long qualification process, an analysis system aimed at selecting only the finest qualities.
A manufacturing process that involves a careful roasting phase and a long process of waiting for maturation. A pleasure to experience at the bar together with our blends.
Extrabar. Dek. Superbar. Napoli. Kico. GranCrema. Vending.
Colors. Flavors. Emotions. Anything that makes us feel good.

At the bar. With friends. Always together...

Caffè Kico in grani - Linea bar


Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail. Caffè Kico asset are professionalism, innovation and assurance. We love satisfying customers and supporting a partner with our brand accesssories.

Caffè Kico is not just a business model: it’s a decision to take each day


Bar. Home. Office.
We will always be with you during all moments of the day.
For anything you need just write to us: we will give you a feedback as soon as possible.

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Caffè Kico

It combines different levels of pleasure in only one sip: one thousand emotions and an endless journey

Caffè Kico al Bar