A pure love concentrate,

a mix of special flavors and a pleasure also for the environment.

A technology that safeguards the taste and protects nature.


Cialde compostabili Caffè Kico

At home, at the office or just with friends.

Our pods preserve the taste, enhance the freshness and respect the environment. These are our compostable pods.
A small box that contains a rich taste, a fantastic mix with an intense and a full-bodied Neapolitan soul.

Because often small things let you feel big emotions

The ESE Caffè Kico paper filter pods of size 44 mm, 100% compatible with all the machines that use the Easy Serving Espresso system, making coffee has never been so simple, comfortable and sustainable

Caffè Kico

A pure love concentrate, an experience to live at 360 degrees.

Produzione caffè Kico