A 30-year story made of love, research and tradition.

One sip, thousand emotions

an infinite trip

The raw material choice

The map of the whole world that marks the starting points of our journey searching for the finest Arabica blends.
The beginning of a quality product through different phases of a transformation process that returns a coffee with a traditional soul. A long path that goes around the globe to finally land in Naples. Welcome back home. Finally

Coffee Beans. Capsules. Pods.

Passion. Study. Respect.
A universe of emotions is hidden in a cup of Caffè Kico. An unforgettable journey that starts with the selection of the best Arabica blends. A unique taste, the result of a careful study inspired by the Neapolitan tradition. An endorsement to the history of this magical city and to its unique aromas. A cult to be venerated, a faith to be respected despite the introduction of the most modern technologies.
An ancestral ritual that has been repeated over the centuries and that our brand intends to honor, respecting ingredients but also the global environment

Caffè Kico, everytime and in all compositions.

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Our brand is available to collaborate with everyone.
Clients. Providers. Companies.
On the basis of the different needs, Caffè Kico activates a processing for third parties.
A relationship based on the values that animate the brand: inspection, confidence and success.
This is the secret for an unforgettable blend.

A cup of coffee can encourage great business.

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Caffè Kico

A story handed down over the years. A Tradition that aims straight to the future

Stabilimento caffè Kico