Caffè Kico

Family bonding time

Welcome home

Coffee is our job

Research and Development, healthy values and Neapolitan coffee: these are our history ingredients.
This is how Caffè Kico was born in the 90s, a company founded on the continuous search for the perfect coffee.
Good, like the real Neapolitan coffee
Genuine, like the blend prepared in Italy for breakfast
Refined, like the result of a careful study
This is our brand. This is us.

Welcome to Caffè Kico family

caffe kico about

The founder: our daddy

A good intuition: this is how Mr. Saverio Iovine founded Caffè Kico, a company based on coffee passion & hard work.
Our mission is improving everyday our product thanks to research, raw material respect, modern production technique and love for Neapolitan tradition.
A perfect mix of past & future.

A long journey started 30 years ago.

caffe kico chicchi

A strong mission
as our coffee taste

Creating a good product with love for tradition, raw material respect, environmental protection and the continuous search for the perfect coffee blend. These are the Caffè Kico key points, a professional approach that starts from the careful selection of the purest beans, from the creation of a coffee with ultra-modern techniques, from the production of compostable tasty pods.
Our goal is to share the true flavor of Naples with all over the world.

Because we are Naples addicted.

Caffè Kico

Sincere. Strong. Faithful. Just like a real Neapolitan one.

caffe kico macinato